Information page speakers


The browser to use is Google Chrome in its current version (Download Google Chrome).

Alternatively, Microsoft Edge in its current version is also possible (Download Microsoft Edge).


A wired Internet connection (no mobile network, no WLAN) with a bandwidth of at least 5 Mbit/s (optimal 30 Mbit/s) is required for download/upload.

If your online workstation is integrated into a restrictive network (e.g. in a company, hotel, etc.), it is essential to release certain ports (see also Hopin network settings). It is absolutely necessary to ask your own/the respective network administrator.

Participation with a VPN connection is not possible. 


A computer or laptop (no smartphones, tablets etc.) must be used.

If you want to share content, the connection of a second screen is recommended (especially for speakers).

The use of a high-quality headset is also recommended.