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Wir digitalisieren Events.

Digitale Lösungen für Live-, Online- und Hybrid-Events. Von Beratung bis technischer Support. Wir bieten alles aus einer Hand.

We connect people with technologies that inspire

Digital technologies have revolutionized the way events are organized and experienced. By integrating innovative tools and platforms, they offer a plethora of opportunities to elevate events to a new level and create an unforgettable experience.

Hybrid events

Bringing together the best of two worlds into one event. Hybrid events continue to provide the optimal means to reach audiences everywhere and offer them a maximum level of interaction.
Eine Frau spricht zum Publikum, im Hintergrund sind Teilnehmer auf einem Bildschirm zugeschaltet.

Online events

By utilizing digital tools and technologies, online events facilitate interaction, knowledge exchange, and networking. Reach a global audience with minimal resource investment.
Eine Frau schaut auf den Bildschirm ihres Laptops und spricht mit Kollegen virtuell.

Live events

By leveraging digital tools like participant management, ticketing, and efficient check-ins, your on-site event transforms into a sustainable marketing asset, ensuring a seamless experience for attendees.
Menschen schauen bei einer Veranstaltung auf ein Dokument
smartEvents Services

We are passionate about great events.

What applies to live events is just as true for online events: they must captivate, inspire, be memorable, and create added value for all stakeholders.

With our extensive experience in the events industry, it is a matter of the heart for us at smartEvents to ensure that your conferences, celebrations, member meetings, or trade shows are conducted at the highest level.

Our expertise speaks for itself

As personal interaction is crucial, deciding to host our scientific conference virtually was a challenging decision for us. However, after the event on Hopin, we received only positive feedback. Our beautiful booth, scientific poster exhibition, and communication features were particularly praised— the 'unity feeling' was just there! In the background, smartEvents provided continuous technical support, ensuring everything ran perfectly!

Greifswald Moor Centrum | c/o Michael Succow Stiftung

Let us advise you

Let our experts advise you on which digital solutions will turn your event into a true experience.